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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

If any of these types of projects ever lands on your desk, then you are in the right place:-

Inclinometer Analysis


Sheet Pile design

Slope Stability

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Calculation Centre



Every engineer performs calculations yet few make use of software like Mathematica. Perhaps the name puts them off. In fact general mathematical software is ideal for presenting calculations. It is quicker than doing them on pencil and paper, is always accurate, can deal with units automatically, can incorporate text and graphics and, best of all, is easily and quickly revised.

We can supply Mathemematica, Calculation Centre or Mathcad.

We will also supply, with any of these programs a free bundle of short but useful programs that not only will help you get started but are useful in their own right. Which one to choose depends on the type of work you are doing.

Mathcad is the easiest one to use and the most like pencil and paper for day to day calculations.

Mathematica is the one we most favour, particularly for developing solutions, its outstanding incorporation of text and graphics and its ability to be programmed. Calculation Centre is a cut down version of Mathematica and well worth a look at.

Bespoke Solutions

Perhaps you have a specific problem that you do not see a solution here for, perhaps you not want to pay for a full finite element package, when all you wish to do is carry out designs of timber trusses. If that is the case then ask. We may have a solution for you (we do have one for timber truss design). If not we may well be able to develop a specific bespoke solution. email us

We intend to gradually provide for all your software needs as an engineer, if not by our own expertise then by links to other centres of excellence. So if your particular research has not found an answer here please contact us. By the same token, do let us know if you have found something exciting in the software world.