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Dynamic Relaxation

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The needs of the structural engineer are diverse. He needs to be able to quickly conceptualise his structure and build a numerical/ graphical model of it. It then has to be analysed and refined so that it fulfills its function and finally it has to be checked so that each of its parts complies with Code requirements.

At the conceptural/modelling stage the software tools must be capable of accurately being able to represent the structure without stifling the engineers creativity. This where our mainstream product, Multiframe scores. Developed originally for the Macintosh platform with a graphical interface years before Windows even existed, and now available on both platforms, it has kept its lead in easy to use graphical modelling, it has become the preferred tool for such creative engineering firms as Anthony Hunt Associates Ltd. and Adams Kara Taylor and used to develop many of their award winning structures.

It includes all the features neccessary to accurately represent and analyse the structure. The 4D version for instance includes, dynamic loads, earthquake analysis, second order analysis, offeset members etc. whilst if your requirements are less severe then the 3D or even the 2D version may suit. Defining your own sections is easy in its accompanying program, Section Maker.

When it come to representing the output Multiframe again scores, fully rendered animated models, plots colour coded in terms of stress or moment make it easy to see the where the structure needs refining.

With regard to code checking then, if its steel, Steel Designer will check each element against most Codes used around the world. If not, then you can use the built in calculation sheet option to carry out standard calculations. Alternatively if your requirements are more “run of the mill” you can use Automation to produce complete projects from start to finish.

But perhaps you would rather build a model piece by piece and see instantaeously how it reacts to load, move a load across a bridge with the mouse and watch it deform as you do so. If so Dr. Frame is the program for you.

Or perhaps you design guyed towers or masts, then look at our in house dynamic relaxation programs. However, for some problems nothing less than full finite element programs will do. Then try LARSA, perhaps the most powerful finite element program in the world.

Whatever your requirements, we will try and meet them with the most productive programs that we can find. We are also happy to write bespoke programs for specific problems tailored exactly to your needs.