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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

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Multiframe2D Features

*Graphical specification of restraints, loads and geometry

*Rescale, generate and duplicate functions

*Display of Moments, Shear, Deflection and Axial force

*User defined layout of results

*User defined selection of extent of output

*Prescribed displacements

*Moment releases in members

*Uniform, triangular or trapezoidal loads

*Loads on all or part of any member

*Factored combinations of load cases

*Built in library of common structural sections

*Input and movement from mouse or keyboard

*Built-in calculation sheet for detail design

*Continuous on-screen dimensioning

*Animation of deflected shapes

Formation Design Systems Title Page

Multiframe 4D
Dynamic Analysis

Multiframe 3D
3D Analysis

Section Maker
Section properties calculation

Steel Designer
Steel code checking

Multiframe 2D - 2D structural analysis

* Totally graphical modelling

* Fast and accurate solver

* Data exchange to and from AutoCAD and Excel

Designers with a limited budget will appreciate Multiframe2D as an ideal design tool for smaller scale problems which can be solved in two dimensions. Featuring all the modelling commands of the 3D module, 2D makes it easy to model, load and analyse two dimensional structures in minutes. A simple or continuous beam can be quickly and simply sized or you can utilise Multiframe's capabilities for designing residential, commercial or industrial buildings. A simple portal frame or a more complex truss are all easily managed.

Regularly spaced structures are especially easy to handle as Multiframe 2D's snap-to-grid, automatic generation, and duplication, rotation and extrusion functions make light work of repetitive model construction.

The built in library of common structural shapes let you analyse steel, concrete or timber frames. You can include sections made from any other material or automatically include sections designed using Section Maker.

Whether you are designing a simple truss or a frame, Multiframe's 2D analysis will give you the answer you need quickly, easily and accurately.