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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

If any of these types of projects ever lands on your desk, then you are in the right place:-

Coastal Defence

Dam Construction




Inclinometer Analysis

Landslip Control

Road (& other 'linear' ) design


Sheet Pile Design

Slope Stability



Terrain modelling


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The projects involved in civil engineering are as varied and diverse as anything that man undertakes. However, most projects can be broken down into stages that may involve some or all of the following:- survey and setting out, calculations and drawings, earthmoving, geotechnics, hydraulics, structures. We try to provide programs that enable engineers to be creative and productive in their work so that their schemes are limited only by their imagination, not by the tools on their desk.

For survey work, take a look at Pythagoras. This is a specialised program which has been designed from the ground up by land surveyors for land surveyors and civil engineers.

For terrain modelling work, highways, site layout, indeed any work that involves earthmoving, look at HighRoad, a wonderful program that encourages the user to be creative and look at alternatives. In what other program can one move the centreline of a road with a mouse and immediately see the plan, complete with all batters, the longitudinal profile, the cross sections, the mass haul diagram and quantities all change to suit? Other modules include download and upload of survey and setting out data, site layout and road junctions, building pad design for estates, 3D and drive through visualisation etc. This the fastest and most versatile program of its type we have ever seen and the most economic. Used in over 38 countries on projects as diverse as highway, haul road design, estate layouts, coastal stabilisation, the design of airport runways, railways, conveyor belts, golf courses and velodromes design Use it as a stand alone program or it will of course interface with Pythagoras, MOSS or your normal CAD package.

Finally, all engineers perform calculations. General programs like Calculation Centre, Mathematica or Mathcad enable those calculations to be performed more efficiently, presented better and be shared across the organisation. Every engineer should use one.

With regard to geotechnics and hydraulics, we are currently developing our own solutions for a range of common problems and are evaluating the major finite element and finite difference programs that are available. Contact us for further information.

Structural works in civil engineering are characterised by their diversity. Sometimes, structural programs designed for building frames are not appropriate. Often, a powerful finite element package is the only solution. In this case look at LARSA, perhaps the most powerful package there is. If you are concerned mainly with bridges then look at their bridge module. Many of the worlds finest bridges have already been designed with it.