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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

Key elements of Mathematica

*Put the world's largest collection of mathematical knowledge at your fingertips

*Graphically present your results

*Have confidence in the accuracy of numerical results

*Work symbolically with problems

*Automatically pick the best method for solving the problem you specify

*Adopt one technical computing system across your organization

*Organize an entire project from ideas to results in one notebook

*Produce publication-quality papers

*Write up your results and communicate them electronically

*Communicate your work in many formats on the web or elsewhere

*Develop applications rapidly


From simple calculator operations to large-scale programming and interactive document preparation, Mathematica is the tool of choice at the frontiers of scientific research, in engineering analysis and modeling, in technical education from high school to graduate school, and wherever quantitative methods are used.

Whether you need a sophisticated calculator or an integrated technical programming environment, or a means to deploy technical computations and information throughout your organization, Mathematica provides you with a complete solution. You can perform a single task, such as analyzing data or solving a tricky differential equation, or develop an entire solution, prototype, or application.

Why choose Mathematica - Comparisons. and reasons.