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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

HighRoad is not just a highway design tool, here are some other applications which are included in its vast, fast, compact body.

Airport Runway Design

Artificial Lakes

Building Pads

Coastal Protection

Conveyor route Design

Dam Construction

Drainage Channels

Open Cut mines



Subdivision Design

Terrain Modelling

Velodrome Design


Landform details

HighRoad Module breakdown

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HighRoad is an interactive graphical application for the geometric design of roads and highways and all Earth Moving projects.

Take a quantum leap in productivity with HiRoad's optimised design. It's time saving interactive use, fast computation, embedded intelligence, and component libraries, take hours off your design time. Adjustment and automatic recalculation, are all almost instantaneous, culminating in stunning 3D fly and drive throughs (with your choice of vehicle!)

More about HiRoad

To enable you to tailor HighRoad to your particular needs, its features are organised into individual modules. You can customise it by selecting the modules you need. more


Simple, yet powerful terrain modeller for building pad design and estate layout. While HighRoad is suited to highway design and planning and other large projects, Landform is directed more to the design of smaller projects such as building sites and minor road projects. more