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The incredible speed of this program allows projects to be designed in minutes and modified almost instantaneously, with full visualisation and quantities for cost information making it invaluable at feasibility stage, comprehensive enough for final design and possessing features to allow the monitoring of costs during construction.

Quick reference Overview :-

Input the Data. - From a comprehensive list of formats, includng OS or personal survey.
Create the digital terrain model. - The survey will be triangulated, taking into account all breaklines, features and contours plotted at the chosen interval. Surveys of up to 5 million points are quite workable. Points and features can be added or edited at any time.
Layout the control line. - Click the mouse on intersection points to layout the control line. Clothoidal or parabolic transitions are calculated and shown instantly. There is no limit to the number of control lines/roads in a project.
Design the typical sections. - Design any number of typical sections with a range of user definable kerb, pavement and batter types. Nominate design speed and travel lanes to automatically calculate plan transitions and superelevation. Tapering, twisting pavements are easily modified.
Layout the profile. - Display the ground profile at any convenient scale and vertical exaggeration. Enter vertical intersection points with the mouse to automatically insertparabolic vertical curves. Nominate the macimum grade to be used, grade to a target, show balanced cut and fills, culverts etc. Click anywhere to show the section at that point.
Draw, plan and fine tune. - Display plan, profile, quantities and mass haul diagrams on the screen, together and adjust with mouse to acheive minimum quantities, optimum mass haul diagram and minimum land take. All open windows are instanttly updated.
Visualise and present. - Check sight distances or present your design by creating a drive through simulation and 3D images of the construction.
Working drawings.- Full working drawings can be set up and printed automatically or can be output to a CAD system. Most formats are supported.

Easy to learn. A truly intuitve interface. Use it like a drawing board. Learning to drive HighRoad will take minutes, rather than weeks. The speed and ease with which you can operate these programs will amaze you.