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Popular HighRoad configurations include:

HighRoad Pro
This configuration includes all the HighRoad capabilities and is suitable for the largest projects such as highway planning. Highroad Pro includes 500,000 points and all modules allowing for unlimited roads/pads, import/export, data logger conversion, 3D viewing and drive through simulation, drawing production and rockfall simulation.

HighRoad Plus
This configuration has features that have proved most popular and useful for users. It includes: 5000 points, 100 roads, and the import/export, intersections and drawing manager modules.

HighRoad S
This is the entry level model of HighRoad and is suitable for small projects. It includes: one road, one pad, 500 points, and export in PICT and 2D DXF.

To further tailor HighRoad for what you need, its features are also organised into individual modules. You can customise HighRoad by selecting the modules you require:

* Extra roads - 100 roads
* Extra points - increase points by 10 times
* Intersections and cul-de-sacs
* Datalogger
* Import/export
* 3D viewing and simulation
* Drawing manager
* Extra DTM - suitable for rock strata
* Rockfall simulation

Landform is an interactive graphical application for the design of building sites and small road projects. Landform modules are found on the Landform Page.