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Landform is an interactive graphical application for the design of building sites and small road projects.

It provides for the import of terrain data in a variety of formats, the formation of a triangulated ground model, the interactive design of building pads and access roads, and the export of drawings or data for construction or for use in other applications.

Landform is available as a base model, to which can be added various modules:

* Pad design - for design of one building pad
* Road design - for design of one road
* Extra typical sections - for complex roads or pads
* Construct roads/pads - automatically incorporates design into terrain
* Extra roads/pads - increases capacity by 2 times
* Extra points - increases points by 2 times to a maximum of 64,000
* DXF import/export
* Drive through simulation
* Datalogger (for data loggers such as Wild, TOPCON, Sokkisha)
* GDL export (for use with ArchiCAD)
* Quickdraw 3D - export in QD3D metafile format
* 3D viewing - allows a simple 3D view of the site
* Plotter driver (supports HPGL and DMPL plotters)
* Terrain volumes - calculate volume to a datum
* Feature library - automatically joins features based on code

Landform is suited to the design of small projects such as building sites and minor road projects, whilst HighRoad is software for the design of highways, planning and other large projects, should you require a larger, more powerful tool, please go to the HighRoad page.

Easy to learn. A truly intuitve interface. Use it like a drawing board. Learning to drive Landform will take minutes, rather than weeks. The speed and ease with which you can operate these programs will amaze you.