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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

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Section Maker Features

*Circular, rectangular or polygonal shapes

*Solid or hollow sections

*Allows voids and composite sections

*Automatic generation of I,C,T,L, box, tubular and circle shapes

*Continuous update of all section properties

*Rescale, rotate and duplicate functions

*Automatically align to centroid

*Place shapes from Multiframe Library

*Input and movement of geometry from mouse or keyboard

*Snap to grid

*Data transfer to and from via DXF

*Computes all properties required for analysis

*Manual override of calculations if required

Formation Design Systems Title Page

Multiframe 4D
Dynamic Analysis

Multiframe 3D
3D Analysis

Multiframe 2D
2D analysis

Steel Designer
Steel code checking

Section Maker - Section Properties Calculation

* Interactive graphical section modelling

* Instantaneous calculations

* Sections database management

A custom structural shape is sometimes the best solution to your structural design problem. But designing and calculating properties of custom shapes is a time consuming, error prone and frustrating exercise.

Section Maker helps you to design a shape simply and quickly and then integrate your shape directly into the Multiframe library of sections. Section Maker completely eliminates the need for any calculation of section properties by automatically computing the properties of steel, concrete, timber or sections made from any other material.

Whether the shape is complex, or even if it includes holes and multiple material types, Section Maker's range of drawing tools lets you effortlessly construct the shape you require. If your data comes from another CAD system or drawing, you can easily import it directly into Section Maker As you work with your shape, at every change the section properties are instantly re-calculated and displayed on-screen.