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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

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Steel Designer Features

*Display of Moments, Shear, Deflection and Axial actions

*Allows use of forces or stresses

*User defined layout of design report

*On screen editing and preview of design report

*Built-in calculation sheet for detail design

*Graphical highlighting of forces or stresses

*Animation of deflected shape

*Rendering of structure and deflected shape

*Colour overlay of forces or stresses

*ASD & AIJ code checks available

*Automatic iteration for design optimisation

Formation Design Systems Title Page

Multiframe 4D
Dynamic Analysis

Multiframe 3D
3D Analysis

Multiframe 2D
2D analysis

Section Maker
Section properties calculation

Steel Designer - Steel code checking and design

* Graphical, customisable design properties

* Continuous graphical report and audit trail

* Optimisation by weight or size

The key to efficient structural design of steel is the optimisation of your structure in accordance with the applicable codes of practice.

If you are using Multiframe for your analysis and you work with steel structures, then Steel Designer will automate the checking of structures to steel codes of practice.

Steel Designer is integrated with Multiframe so that it can directly access the results of your analysis and carry out design checks. But Steel Designer is not just a "black box", it gives you control over all aspects of the design process,which clauses you want to check, what effective lengths you wish to use, and how your output is to be presented. Steel Designer also provides you with a set of design aids which let you search through the structure for particular design criteria and graphically highlight areas of interest.

Detailed tables of stresses, deflections and forces for the whole structure, or just a single member, let you quickly and effortlessly determine the critical loading conditions. Steel Designer provides you with a complete range of output combining text, tables and diagrams. All your data can be copied and pasted to word processors, spreadsheets or drawing applications for further documentation. On-screen design of your report format is at your fingertips in Steel Designer. You can even remove parts of the report you don't require or add other tables or diagrams at any time. But most importantly, all of the interaction with the structure and the results of analysis, feature the same flexible and easy to use interface as Multiframe.