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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

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Multiframe3D Features

*Graphical specification of restraints, loads and geometry

*Rescale, generate and duplicate functions

*Display of Moments, Shear, Deflection and Axial force

*Optional user defined node renumbering

*Prescribed displacements

*Selective moment or torsion releases

*Uniform, triangular or trapezoidal loads

*Loads on all or part of any member

*Factored combinations of load cases

*Built in library of structural shapes

*Built-in calculation sheet for detail design

*Graphical highlighting of forces, deflections or stresses

*Animation of deflected shapes

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Multiframe 4D
Dynamic Analysis

Multiframe 2D
2D analysis

Section Maker
Section properties calculation

Steel Designer
Steel code checking

Multiframe 3D - 3D structural analysis

* 3D modelling and visualisation

* Totally graphical interface

* Comprehensive analysis capabilities

* Data exchange to and from AutoCAD and Excel

Fast and accurate structural analysis is the foundation of all computer aided structural design. Multiframe helps you get the results you require by providing powerful, yet easy to use analysis capabilities.

Multiframe's 3D analysis tools give you an exceptionally powerful and flexible means of creating, analyzing and examining results for your structures. A built in range of methods for automatically constructing geometry, restraints, materials and loading conditions lets you concentrate on the problem at hand, not on the software you are working with. Although Multiframe offers unsurpassed ease of use and a complete graphics working environment, it also provides all the computational power you need for complex structural analysis.

All types of framed structures may be modeled and can include special structural features such as springs, prescribed displacement, member releases and pinned joints. Because Multiframe is designed to work the way you do, it offers automatic factoring of load cases, automatic inclusion of self weight and a range of commands to automate the generation of regular geometry such as continuous beams, curved beams, trusses and high rise frames.

Multiframe's built in library of common structural shapes let you analyze steel, concrete or timber frames. You can include sections made from any other material or automatical.