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Software for Civil, Structural & Geotechnic Engineers, Architects, Surveyors.

Dr. Software, LLC
specializes in the development of REAL-TIME structural modeling software for engineering and architectural professionals and students. Our products feature direct manipulation modeling capabilities embedded within rich environments that allow users to concentrate on behavior rather than details of the user interface. As a result, modeling becomes an exploratory activity rather than a bookkeeping task. There is no distinct pre- or post-processing -- everything happens in real time!

Dr.Frame, available for Windows 95/NT and PowerMacintosh, implements a rich direct manipulation environment in which users can interactively build and test 2-D truss and frame structures while receiving visual and numeric feedback to indicate structural behavior -- all in real time!

Our direct manipulation products allow users to interactively create and modify structures while the results are continuously updated. This presents the user with a dynamic image of both the structure and important design measures during design modelling. Pre-processing, solution, and post-processing are no longer seperate activities. Our products present a single, rich environment where users -- students and professionals -- can explore structural behavior and the effects of varying loads, support conditions, geometry, topology, material and cross-section properties, and so on, in real-time!

Quick overview of the new features and functionality of Dr. Frame 2.0.

* Multiple views can now be set up, annotated, stored, and printed. This greatly improves the reporting capabilities of Dr. Frame.
* Shear walls can now be modeled via simple plane stress elements. Be sure to read the associated documentation for descriptions and caveats..
* Unilateral translational spring supports are now supported, alllowing one to model lift off phenomena.
* Relocatable force and moment value labels are now supported via simple dragging, which makes it possible to clean up problems with overlapping labels.
* A new zoom tool supporting more convenient and direct view control.
* Arbitrary numbers of load sets and load combinations can now be created, named, modified, and managed in a general manner.
* Plastic hinge capabilities have now been integrated into the interface.
* Color intensities can now be used to plot member axial loads and wall stress fields.
* An AutoBeam command has been added to the Modeling menu. One can now quickly and conveniently set up a beam analysis.
* Improved member dimensioning has been implemented. Each member can have its dimension display turned off and on selectively.
* Contextual menus for Windows (right-click pop-ups) currently have been implemented for members, and we will continue this development for both platforms.
* XML-based file i/o is now partially implemented, which provides many possibilities for data exchange and capture. We will be continuing this trend in the future.
* DXF geometry import is now available. From the Open File dialog, select to see all files and locate your dxf file. Dr. Frame will ask you to select units and joint types, and then show the file. You will need to establish some supports and element properties at the point since Dr. Frame only import lines and polylines.

Overview of DrFrame latest features

*Working with Views

*Shear Walls

*Unilateral Spring Supports

*Relocatable Labels

*Zoom Tool

*Load Combinations

*Plastic Hinges

*Color-based Stress Plots


*Member Dimensioning

*Contextual Menus


*DXF Geometry Import